Planning Process On Hold for PVCC Expansion

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Inside Piedmont Virginia Community College Inside Piedmont Virginia Community College
Frank Friedman Frank Friedman

Piedmont Virginia Community College has hopes of expanding its campus, but the design and planning process is currently on hold until the state is able to provide more funding.

PVCC was hoping to begin the detailed planning stage of its new Advanced Technology and Student Success Center project, but those plans came to halt.

The commonwealth told administrators that the funding it originally allocated is not currently available.

The General Assembly had allocated $1.3 million for the project, but the community college recently learned that that money for the 45,000-square foot building will not be available for several months.

“The state budget, which began July 1, had the money appropriated for our detailed planning, but the state is unable to release it to us at this time. It will be delayed about six months. We had hoped to start with the detailed planning now, but it will be delayed a little bit,” PVCC President Frank Friedman.

Friedman estimates the total cost of construction for project will be between $20 million to $25 million. He said that this is a long-term project, but that he hopes to break ground within the next two years.

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