Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Discusses County Improvements

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Albemarle Board of Supervisors Albemarle Board of Supervisors

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors is meeting on Friday, September 8, to discuss strategies to improve the county for the long run. 

The current strategic plan that’s being looked at runs until 2019.

The board says the goal is to have the improvements exceed beyond that time frame and last at least 50 years down the road.

The agenda that’s being discussed on Friday includes redevelopment of multiple roads including the Rio Rd.-Route 29 intersection and entrance corridors to the county.

Supervisors representing rural areas also say there is a need for fixing older neighborhoods and sidewalks.

"There are competing expectations from different supervisors and it's largely because we represent different districts throughout the counties ... some that are very rural areas so opposed to like mine which is largely an urbanized area," said Brad Sheffield, an Albemarle County supervisor. 

Board members say they want an overarching agenda that meets the needs of everyone in the county.

"One of our most difficult challenges is prioritization: to figure out where the most important efforts are that our staff should take and how to fund the needs we need to get done,” said Ann Mallek, an Albemarle County supervisor. “And it's one of those discussions that's difficult because we have so many needs."

The board is also planning to improve family support for county residents - particularly making sure at-risk families are getting their children to school.

The next steps are the highlight the specific roads, bike lanes, and sidewalks in the county that need immediate repair and mark the others that can last a little longer.

The meeting wrapped up around 1 p.m.