Tom Tom Founders Festival Announces "Founding Cville" Award Recipients

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Some of Charlottesville's top artists, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders are getting some big recognition.

On Wednesday, September 6, the Tom Tom Founders Festival announced the recipients of its "Founding Cville” awards on the Downtown Mall.

This year, nine people were recognized for their work in "shaping the city.”

Recipient Martin Burks III helped preserve the Jefferson City School and establish the African American Heritage Center.

“Anytime that recognition comes to the Jefferson School is wonderful,” said Burks, a recipient of a “Founding Cville” award. “And as I said before, I was just one among many community leaders and it's an honor – an honor for me, an honor for those who worked very hard for the Jefferson School.

Throughout September, each awardee will have his or her portrait featured on banners along the Downtown Mall.

They will be recognized again at the Tomtoberfest block party later in the month.