New Parking Program Initiated in Downtown Charlottesville

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There are now more than 100 parking spaces in Downtown Charlottesville that are no longer free.

Metered parking kicked off September 5 in the city as part of a six month pilot program.

It costs $1.80 to park for one hour and the new machines take credit cards and coins. 

There are a few different types of meters.

There are two meters on a single pole that control two parking spaces. There are also about ten or so single meters on a single pole and then there are about 13 pay stations.

For the pay stations, you will have to enter your license plate number because it controls all the parking on an entire block.

Loading zones and parking spaces for the disabled will remain free.

"We have parking meters on a 12 block area, around the pedestrian mall … It encompasses about 150 parking spaces, about one hundred and five of them are metered,” said Rick Siebert, city parking manager. 

If your parking meter expires while you're still downtown during the first week of the program, you will receive a courtesy note reminding you to pay next time.

The city will also be handing out brochures that tell you where you can park.

Market Street Garage will be $1.00 an hour, with the first hour free and validations will no longer be accepted.

Water Street Garage rates will stay the same. 

After the pilot program, the city will decided whether or not to keep the meters. 

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