Drivers in Central Virginia Seeing Rise in Gas Prices Following Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey is hiking prices at gas pumps across Virginia.

Drivers in Virginia are feeling the impacts of hurricane Harvey this weekend as they travel and enjoy the final moments of summer.
Many gas stations along Route 29 around Charlottesville are charging $2.49 for a gallon of regular.

“The facts that the gas prices went up, it kind of affected my wallet, but it didn’t you know change my traveling decision,” said Don Fon. 

“Just thinking that the prices may increase again, just fill up now and let it be, it's not getting too dramatic. You know 40 cents is a lot, umm we're not talking about multiple dollars. I remember that from a few years ago,” said Bryan Rothamel. 

The average price for a gallon of regular gas around Charlottesville is $2.45.

That's still far from the record high of 4-dollars-and one cent in July of 2008.

Costco members are getting the best deal around Charlottesville at $2.25 for a gallon of regular.

The BP in Verona has the cheapest gas in the valley at $2.35 a gallon.