Dogwood Vietnam Memorial Foundation Honors Fallen Vietnam Service Members

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Service members from the Charlottesville area who died during the Vietnam War are being remembered in a new photo exhibit downtown.

The Dogwood Vietnam Memorial Foundation also honored prisoners of war (POW) and service members missing in action (MIA). 

The event was aimed at educating people of all ages about the history behind POW’s and MIA’s. 

Organizers for the event read from the book America’s White Table. This picture book was written to teach children about military members who go into battle and are never seen again.

"It's a very meaningful ceremony and its a good way for kids to learn and adults too,” said Bruce Eades, president of the Dogwood Vietnam Memorial Foundation.

Eades hopes the children in attendance left the ceremony feeling inspired. “We're hoping that these kids will be our leaders, we're hopeful that kids will learn from history. 

Twenty-eight men from Charlottesville, Albemarle County, or who attended the University of Virginia were killed in Vietnam. Those individuals are all being honored at City Space in conjunction with Sunday’s POW-MIA ceremony.

“We’ve created an exhibit here at CitySpace that’s up for the whole month of September to honor these servicemen and the sacrifice that they gave us,” said Anne Jolly, WVPT. 

The Vietnam War was a divisive time in our country, and the goal of this exhibit is for the community to come together and remember the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

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