Charlottesville City Council Calls Closed Meeting to Discuss Elected Official

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Charlottesville leaders are again meeting behind closed doors, this time to "discuss the performance and discipline of an elected official."

Charlottesville City Council voted unanimously to hold the special closed session on Wednesday, August 30 at City Hall. According to our media partner the Daily Progress, council requested Mayor Mike Signer call the meeting.

Officials haven't provided any details on which elected official is coming under review, but two sources confirm Signer will be the subject of the meeting. 

Wednesday's session follows a recent exchange of words between the mayor and City Manager Maurice Jones over how police handled the Unite the Right rally on August 12.

Signer has come under fire recently for his handling of the events in the wake of the violent demonstration and protests that occurred at the rally.

In a Facebook post, Signer said there are serious questions about the city's handling of security, communications, and governance.

Last Thursday, council spent over two hours discussing the August 12 events and who should be held accountable for what went wrong. Signer and Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy later stressed that no one was getting fired at that Thursday meeting.

According to the City Code of Ordinances, council can fine the mayor $300 for disorderly conduct or expel him by a two-thirds vote for malfeasance or misfeasance in office.

However, it's unlikely the council will use that authority.

"They could decide in the course of their discussion, 'no we don't think that there is disorderly conduct sufficient to deserve a punishment of some sort,' but they might still decide as they are discussing these things they might persuade the mayor to make a statement that sort of smooths things over a bit," said legal analyst Lloyd Snook.

The meeting will take place Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. The hope is that everyone can emerge from the meeting as a unified group.

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