Immigrants Walk from Charlottesville to Richmond in Response to Escalating Threats

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Students speaking on behalf of RiseUpVA Students speaking on behalf of RiseUpVA

Immigrant students and community members across Virginia are joining forces in the fight for protection from deportation.

They're kicking off a four-day walk from Charlottesville to Richmond to let their voices be heard.

A press conference was held in downtown Charlottesville on Thursday morning to announce the kickoff of RiseUpVA.

The walk is being led by the organization DREAMers of Virginia, which aims to inform the Charlottesville community on challenges immigrant students face.

About ten people will take part in it, including immigrant students from the University of Virginia and other colleges across the state.

Their actions come in response to escalating threats against the immigrant community, such as the possible repeal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The group is calling for respect, dignity, and permanent protection that they say everyone deserves.

“Trump's agenda to take away DACA, to stop temporary protective services, to cut legal immigration in half, is part of the white supremacists’ agenda, it is not any different,” said UVA student Rawda Fawaz. “Just because they were not marching down these streets, does not mean they do not support them. We are here because we support the immigrant community."

UVA students say they are doing what they can to protect immigrants and undocumented people but also to advocate and support other students.

During the walk, the organization will be hosted by area churches.

Once the group gets to Richmond, they will hold a rally at the bell tower.

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