Jury Finds Fluvanna County Treasurer Not Guilty of Illegally Sharing Information

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A jury found Treasurer Linda Lenherr not guilty Thursday in Fluvanna County Circuit Court.

Lenherr, who has been the county treasurer for more than 30 years, was accused of improperly using her office. Authorities believed she provided confidential information to a property seller for her son's monetary gain.

In opening statements Thursday, Aug. 10, the prosecution argued that Lenherr used inside information with the intent to benefit her son, Michael, who, owns MCL Construction, Inc.

Anthony Paone was appointed to collect unpaid taxes on real estate taxes on properties, which could be done by selling the properties at auction.

According to court documents, Lenherr and Paone communicated through emails how they would work together to keep costs of the two properties as low as possible for MCL Construction, Inc. to buy.

According to authorities, Lenherr waived taxes and penalties for two properties purchased by MCL Construction, Inc., which cost Fluvanna County $33, 240 in lost revenue.