William Monroe Ready to Compete for Northwestern District Title

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Head coach Jon Rocha Head coach Jon Rocha
Senior receiver James Collins Senior receiver James Collins
Junior quarterback Alex Kinsey Junior quarterback Alex Kinsey

Every high school football season presents new challenges.

William Monroe must replace seven offensive starters and five seniors who are now playing college football.

"That senior class that just left, they all played together,” says head coach Jon Rocha. “They'd been together, since 10th grade. That's our biggest obstacle. We have the athletes, we have lineman, we have skill positions. Its just getting them used to playing with each other right now because they haven't done it yet."

"A lot of us got to step up,” says senior receiver James Collins. “A lot of seniors left from last year, so its just real important for us seniors, being bigger and older, to step up, and just play our role."

Playing the role of quarterback is junior Alex Kinsey.

He's replacing the 2016 Conference 28 Offensive Player of the Year, Malik Shackelford.

“We're going from a six-two, 240-pound quarterback to a five-eleven, 150-pound quarterback,” says Rocha. “Alex brings a different element with his arm and elusiveness back there in the pocket."

"He's shorter but he has an arm on him,” says Collins. “He has a cannon."

Senior receiver James Collins will be on the other end of Kinsey's cannon.

"He [James Collins] brings a lot of talent to the team,” says senior center Jonathan Richardson. “He's great. He's fast. He's dual threat. He's good on offense and defense.  He's got good hands and he's got the mentality to go out there and win."

Collins says, "I'm just want to be flying around this year as much as I can, and just try my hardest to win games."

The Greene Dragons are making the transition from the Bull Run to the Northwestern District this year.

The schedule sets up pretty favorably for them.

Their first five games will be out of conference.

They then have a bye week, before playing their first district opponent Manassas Park on October 6th.

"We're trying to win a district championship,” says Rocha. “I think that's the next step. We feel like we're in a good position with the bye week right before we start districts.

"We just want to win this district and be the best we can,” says Richardson.

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