R.E. Lee Football Looking to Play Uptempo in 2017

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Senior quarterback Jayden Williams Senior quarterback Jayden Williams
Head coach Scott Girolmo Head coach Scott Girolmo
R.E. Lee has five seniors on the offensive line R.E. Lee has five seniors on the offensive line

The R.E. Lee football team is working on playing uptempo at practice.. 

Head coach Scott Girolmo says, "Right now I feel like we're at the 'Turtle' on the lawnmower, instead of the 'Rabbit.' Really want to start pushing that thing here in the next couple of weeks"

"Coach pushes us non-stop," says senior quarterback Jayden Williams.  "100-percent.  He knows what to expect from us, too.  If we don't run 100-percent like he wants it, he'll get in our face about it, and tell us what to do.  Tempo is going to be one of the biggest keys to our offense."

Another key is the offensive line, which returns five senior starters.

Girolmo says, "That's where all the money comes in, upfront, the front five, and they're support staff behind them."

Williams adds, "That's a really big advantage.  They've gotten smarter, bigger, faster.  They're really like, up there now.  I feel more confident behind them." 

Jayden Williams is in his second season as the starting quarterback, and he's one of over a dozen seniors on the roster.

"This is the team we've been playing with since Little League," says Williams.  "The chemistry is great here.  We know what to expect from one another.  If I see someone slacking, I know what they're capable of.  I try and push them and encourage them.  I know how to encourage them, and I think that's who we cooperate with each other really well, to get the best out of each other."

Senior DL/OL Isaih Edmonds says, "It's a good thing to have all (the seniors) back, because like he said, we've been playing together since we were little, and most of us have been on the line, and our chemistry is good.  We know each other.  We know what we can do, and everything just falls in place."

For now, the Leemen are just focused on moving the tempo from 'Turtle,' to 'Rabbit.'

"To get there we have to run hard in practice," says Edmonds.  "Get faster and better, and our tempo will be picked up."

Girolmo adds, "As long as we've done the best that we could to be the best that we can be, then I think we'll have been successful, but I've yet to see us even scratch the surface on the potential we have in this group."