City of Waynesboro Plans to Use Former Landfill Space as Public Park

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Plans for Sunset Park Plans for Sunset Park
View from proposed site of Sunset Park View from proposed site of Sunset Park

Waynesboro is putting the final touches on plans to turn a former landfill space into a public park. 

The city is opening the area to the public for the first time on August 12 to get a glimpse of the sunset views.

The Waynesboro Department of Parks and Recreation plans to ask City Council for funding later this year to start construction on "Sunset Park" by early 2018.

“I think it's great instead of letting it sit there and go to waste, it's better to create something people can enjoy and a space people can use,” said Carrie Willis, a woman who works in downtown Waynesboro. 

Plans will place the public park on Waynesboro’s tallest point, making it an ideal space for people to enjoy the greenway.

Parks and Recreation director Dwayne Jones says he is working on the final stages of the conceptual plan for "Sunset Park".

“We've divided the space up into useable spaces whether it be a large festival or event or in a more private area with more solitude,” said Jones. 

The plans include trails for hiking and mountain biking, winding up to the peak. Open meadows with overlooks will provide views of the valley and mountains.

People are invited to watch the sunset and the Perseid Meteor Shower on Saturday.

The event is set to cost $10 per vehicle and that money will go toward the park plans’ expenses.