Charlottesville Attorneys Host 'Know Your Rights' Event Ahead of Aug. 12 Rally

Posted: Updated: Aug 08, 2017 10:41 PM
Jeff Fogel Jeff Fogel
Bruce Williamson Bruce Williamson

Ahead of Aug. 12’s “Unite the Right’ rally scheduled in Charlottesville’s McIntire Park, counterprotesters are learning about their rights.

Tuesday night, two local attorneys, Bruce Williamson and Jeff Fogel, hosted a discussion as an opportunity to learn how to interact with law enforcement.

The “Know Your Rights” event was an opportunity to give anyone who might go to Saturday's rally info on what they can and cannot do. The meeting was held inside 414 East Market Street, the home of a few different law offices. Media was not allowed inside the venue.

Dozens of people attended including City Councilor Bob Fenwick and Democratic city council candidate Amy Laufer. Organizers and local attorneys Jeff Fogel and Bruce Williamson say the discussion can walk people through different situations they might find themselves in this Saturday.

"People have a right to talk to police. They have a right to remain silent if they wish. They should give over certain information if they are arrested and how they should cooperate with police if they are arrested to keep encounters with law enforcement to be polite and civil,” Williamson said.

"This is almost like a learning experience for an opportunity for people to learn about the First Amendment, what the limits of the First Amendment are, what counterprotesters can do, its’ an interesting subject that most people only have the vaguest idea about, Fogel said.

Saturday’s rally is expected to attract thousands of people including demonstrators and counterprotesters.

When NBC29 asked Fogel if he had any advice for people planning on attending Saturday's event, he says people have a right to express themselves and that he would encourage them to do so.

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