The Wildlife Center of Virginia to Offer Wildlife Education Courses

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The Wildlife Center of Virginia is now offering its extensive knowledge of wildlife across the world by allowing anyone to take their courses online.

The center has been a teaching hospital for a while, but will soon have the ability to  teach a whole new audience from beginner to novice.
The facility will offer education and training in wildlife rehabilitation, medication, capture, restraint, and other specifics involving animal rehab. 
The program will range from basic seminars to more advanced ones involving hands-on management of injured wildlife.

"It's our goal to be sure that the community's skill level, the base line of competency is elevated and that  people who want to learn have an opportunity to learn. That really goes beyond just the veterinarians and the wildlife rehabilitations,” Ed Clark, president/co-founder of Wildlife Center of Virginia. 
Since the center has opened in 1982, they have treated more than 70,000 wild animals.

The academy will begin classes in the next few weeks, and are open to everyone interested in learning more about wildlife and enhancing their skills.