Department of Emergency Management on Standby During Unite the Right Rally

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The Virginia Department of Emergency Management, or VDEM, is working with the city of Charlottesville to prepare for the Unite the Right rally, which is scheduled for August 12.

The rally is expected to attract thousands of people, including demonstrators and counterprotestors.

VDEM says they will be on standby Saturday to assist local and state law enforcement with additional resources. They will act as a entity of support and coordination for Charlottesville agencies, as requested. 

Charlottesville officials have approved the Unite the Right rally to be held in McIntire Park, not Emancipation Park

The rally’s organizer, Jason Kessler, wants to host the rally at Emancipation Park, which was the original proposed location. 

Resources provided by VDEM could be extra personnel, radio caches, and other material needed by the locality.

“In this case, we are monitoring the planned rally for this weekend (August 12) very closely and we have staffs that are working in partnership with the city of Charlottesville emergency responders and the city of Charlottesville government to assist them in any way we can,” said Director of External Affairs of VDEM Jeff Caldwell. 

VDEM has worked with the city of Charlottesville in the past, aiding in the search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham back in 2014

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s mission is to support first responders and city emergency managers when requested during emergency events. They provide “expertise through five mission areas of emergency management.” Those five areas are: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.