Redskins Have Depth at Running Back Position

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Chris Thompson cuts during a drill at Redskins' Training Camp Chris Thompson cuts during a drill at Redskins' Training Camp

The Washington Redskins released their first depth chart of Training Camp on Sunday.

After beginning last season as a back-up, and finishing as a starter, Robert Kelley is listed as the team's #1 running back this year.

He will have some competition.

The Redskins drafted Samaje Perine (sa-MA-jay PEE-Rine) in the 4th round of the NFL Draft this year.

The rookie rushed for over four-thousand yards in three-seasons at Oklahoma.

He also scored 49 touchdowns in 36 games.

Chris Thompson is the Redskins' third-down specialist.

Thompson had 356-yards rushing and 349-receiving last year.

"I thought I did pretty good last year, but I'm trying to double my numbers, as crazy as that sounds," says Thompson.  "I think I'm capable of a lot more, so my focus is to be a lot better than I was last year."

Perine says, "The simple things that he does to make people miss, I feel like all of us could take something from that.  We're all bigger, and just seeing how little, simple things make people miss, and we can try to implement that into our game somehow."

Thompson says he's been impressed with the rookie Perine.

"Once we put the pads on, I'm excited to see what he does," says Thompson, "cause looking back at his college film, he was great, and I think we're going to see that out here also."

Perine adds, "Big 12 defenses, they had to get creative to stop the spread offense, so I saw some pretty crazy things from those defenses.  I feel like, not quite what the NFL is going to show, but just for a baseline, I feel like I'm pretty good."

The Redskins will play their first preseason game on Thursday at Baltimore.