New Habitat for Humanity Homes Unveiled for Albemarle County Families

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Shanice Dillard, owner of new home Shanice Dillard, owner of new home
in Crozet at Habitat for Humanity ceremony in Crozet at Habitat for Humanity ceremony

Six families in Albemarle County are settling into their new homes in a Crozet neighborhood. It was all made possible by hard work and generous donations of time and money from the community.

The families physically built their own houses with the help of each other, a community of volunteers, and Habitat for Humanity. Saturday, they celebrated the completion of their new homes.

 “All my hard work paid off,” Shanice Dillard said.

Dillard labored for two years to pay off her debts and build what is now her home and her neighbors' houses.

“I started off with tremendous debt and working on that to become part of the habitat process, it took a lot of hard work to get the debt down and the working on site and now I'm here on this beautiful day,” Dillard said.

Each of these six new homeowners couldn't accomplish what they have without the help of each other and many other members of their new Wickham Pond neighborhood.

“This is an example of people who have worked hard, they’ve saved, they’ve bought their first home, and they’ve come together and put sweat equity in on the house,” Ruth Stone of Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity said. “I think what's really great here is these aren’t homes that Habitat built, this is an example of a community that was built by the community.”

These homes are the first affordable housing in the Crozet community of Albemarle County.

For Dillard, she's achieved what her family once thought was unattainable.

“I’ll be the first homeowner in my family so this is very important,” Dillard said.

Habitat for Humanity was able to make this happen thanks to the original landowner discounting the lot by 20 percent and Albemarle County donating 20 percent from its down payment assistance fund.

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