Charlottesville Group Accepting Applications for Artist In-Residence Program

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Nina Thomas Nina Thomas
Mauren Brondyke Mauren Brondyke
Nina Thomas working on her art Nina Thomas working on her art

An organization in downtown Charlottesville is working to give artists a big break.

New City Arts Initiative (NCAI) is accepting applications for its in-house residency. The initiative has been supporting artists and culture in the Charlottesville area for the past seven years.

With the Artist In-Residence Program the group is paying aspiring artists to use studio space and work towards their next big project.

The term starving artist is not a cliché for those trying to start careers in central Virginia.

“It can definitely be hard to make time for art making when you are worried about making money and have to spend time on your jobs that will pay your bills,” said artist Nina Thomas.

“We recognize that a lot of artists in our community have one, two, three other jobs,” said Mauren Brondyke of the New City Arts Initiative.

NCAI doesn't want time or space to be the reason an artist does not pursue their craft. It knows that studio space is hard to come by in Charlottesville, so they wanted to give their artists a place where they can do some work for free nearby. 

Artists in the program get free studio space adjacent to the gallery for five months, and receive a stipend.

“This spring we got a Bamaworks grant so that we can pay the artist a small stipend to help cover parking costs downtown, small material costs,” Brondyke said.

The application is due Sunday, August 6, and the process is competitive.

“We're really looking for Charlottesville-area artists who need space, want connection to community, and have something they're working towards that this would be a good fit for,” Brondyke said.

The finalist will be notified after about three weeks of the board's decision to start a five-month September residency.