Sentencing Hearing Held for Man Behind Rivanna Trail Attacks

Posted: Updated: Aug 02, 2017 05:53 PM

The 22-year-old man behind several attacks along the Rivanna Trail in 2016 will not receive any additional jail time after his sentencing hearing in Charlottesville Circuit Court Wednesday.

Back in 2016 Brien Gray-Anderson attacked women on multiple occasions on the Rivanna Trail.  One woman described Gray-Anderson approaching her and asking for a hug, and then trying to pull off her pants. Another woman says he tried to grab her from behind, but she fought him off. The third victim says he knocked her to the ground, and she had to fight him off her.

In April 2017, Gray-Anderson pleaded guilty to sexual battery and abduction as part of a plea agreement. Wednesday, a judge sentenced him to nine years, with eight of that suspended.

At the hearing, Gray-Anderson admitted that there were other incidents prior to the ones he was arrested for. He also explained that he hasn't had any urges and doesn't want to put any female through that again.

Gray-Anderson had already served six months in jail, and because the offense is considered a misdemeanor, he was able to go home with his family.

"Brien had already spent 6 months behind bars which is effectively a 12-month sentence, and had done very well since bond. He had begun treatment. He had been doing all the right things. This was a good result. I think both for Brien and for the community,” said Lloyd Snook, Gray-Anderson’s attorney. 

A psychiatric evaluation found Gray-Anderson is at low risk for committing another act.

He could face up to seven years of jail time if he commits another crime or violates his probation. He is court ordered to live with his mother in Nelson County, attend therapy sessions, and stay away from the Rivanna Trail.