New Coalition Strives for Different Approach to Community Unity

Posted: Updated: Aug 02, 2017 05:19 PM
End Division Unity Coalition members End Division Unity Coalition members

A new unity coalition in Charlottesville is calling on city leaders to provide more opportunities for community members to voice their opinions and concerns.

It is called The End Division Unity Coalition and its main aim is to bring people with differing political views together. 

This coalition is being organized by the nonpartisan, educational nonprofit GOV360, which was established in 2010.                   

One of the goals is to have the city address specific concerns leading up to Unite the Right rally planned for August 12.  

The organization held a conference in front of City Hall on August 2 to get the word out about the coalition its starting to build.

The group is currently fairly small, with only about a dozen members. It hopes to bring people together in a peaceful way and include Democrats, Republicans, Black Lives Matter representatives, and members of conservative media.

The group also wants the city to provide more community forums and opportunities for civil discourse.

"We don't know exactly what's going to happen, this is the first time any group has done anything like this.  We're piloting something that's needed in Charlottesville,” said Lawrence Gaughan, of GOV360.

The group includes former Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris, community activist Marey Carey, and Don Gathers, the former chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Race Memorials and Public Places.

The coalition is also suggesting that the city contact residents to address concerns about large crowds near their homes ahead of the Unite the Right Rally.

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