IX Art Park is in Danger of Closing due to Property Tax Increases

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Charlottesville’s IX Park could be in danger of closing due to higher real estate taxes in portions of it.

When IX Art Park's owners received their property tax assessments this year, they were surprised by the increase.

The owners say the city raised their taxes by 400% in the art park portion of the property.

They say the park does not turn a profit and the higher taxes could force them to use the park for other means to generate revenue.

Park owners were able to appeal to the city for a lower rate, but they say that is not enough.

So they appealed to the Board of Equalization to solve the issue.

"I think the emotional size of it as the Board of Equalization said is not a factor that they feel is their responsibility to consider, they are looking at what is the best and highest use of that property today," Susan Krischel, IX Park representative.

The Board of Equalization is a three person panel that operates independently from the city to equalize assessments.

The board heard both arguments on August 1 from IX Park and the city assessor office.

There is currently no timeline on when the board will reach a decision in the appeal.