Augusta County Man Convicted of Abduction, Assaulting Officers is Sentenced

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An Augusta County man convicted of abducting a teenager and attacking two Charlottesville police officers was sentenced in Charlottesville circuit court on August 1.

A judge sentenced Kenneth George to 6.5 years active sentence: 10 year sentence with 5 years suspended for the abduction charge and 5 year sentence with 3 years suspended for the assault charge on Charlottesville officers. 

These charges stem from an incident where police were called on a report of an abduction of a 17-year-old female at the Days Inn on Emmett Street in Charlottesville. The victim called 911 from the hotel room while George left to get more alcohol.

When the victim's mother realized she was missing, she contacted people she knew, including George, to try to find her.

Police eventually tracked George down in a parking lot of a restaurant. When officers tried to take George into custody, he attacked them with a knife. Officers used a stun gun on George, and during the struggle, he stabbed himself. 

The victim's mother wanted members of the court to fully understand the impact this incident has had on her daughter. The prosecution explained that the victim is now acting out and putting herself in vulnerable positions. The daughter tells her mother, "I've been abducted, what worse can happen to me."

Kenneth George submitted an Alford plea to abduction and assault on a law enforcement officer on February 2. An Alford Plea means that George doesn't admit guilt, but admits there's enough evidence to convict him.

In his sentencing hearing, George read an apology letter out loud. Some remarks included apologies to the victim and the officers, a promise to reform upon release, and that "I (he) never meant to scare or hurt anyone."

George must commit to 30 years of good behavior, starting August 1, which includes no contact with the victim and the family. He is also sentenced to 6 years of supervised release upon release from prison and must abstain from using drugs and/or alcohol.  

Judge recommended that the Department of Corrections put him in a facility with mental health or therapy programs. Additionally, the judge remarked that "this sentence is about punishment" and will "give him time to think."