Albemarle County Proposes New Tax Codes, Supervisors Request Input

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Supervisors are looking to revamp taxation codes and want to hear your input. Business owners and ATV and dirt bike riders could get a tax break in Albemarle County.

This Wednesday August 2, the board of supervisors is hosting a public hearing to discuss changes to its current taxation code.

As it stands currently, any business annually making $5,000 or less is exempt from business licensing fees. The new proposal would bump that all the way up to $25,000. This means more local businesses would not have to pay these fees.

The other big change that would be possible would be that ATV and dirt bike owners will no longer have to pay property tax on their vehicles.

"We think this is a good thing for business owners as I said it raises the threshold at which they have to get involved in business licensing fees. It also will streamline collection processes, and make us in conformance with state code changes all of which we think are supportive of our small business environment,” Lee Catlin, Albemarle County Community. 

People will be given a chance to ask questions and give their input at the public hearing.

That meeting will be held August 2 at 6 p.m. at the Albemarle County office building.