UVA Scientists' Start-up Company to Study Athletes' Muscles

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at University of Virginia at University of Virginia

A group of three University of Virginia scientists has developed a new way to look at the leg muscles of athletes, looking well below the surface to see how athletes can improve their games.

The start-up company Springbok uses MRI technology to look at the size and structure of muscles. The results are compared against people with similar heights and weights in a large database to see where an athlete needs to better focus in their training.

"We can use that information to guide for specific athletes what they can improve in their muscles to improve their performance," said Springbok co-founder Silvia Blemker. "We've also used it to look at injuries and how we can help athletes better understand the nature of their muscle problem and injury, and then that can lead to better ways to do rehab."

Springbok has worked with members of many of UVA's athletic teams and already has a deal in place to work with an undisclosed professional team in the near future.

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