UVA Hosts a Recognition Ceremony for New Facilities Management Members

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Sarah McComb Sarah McComb

The University of Virginia facilities management team added seven new members on July 27. 

The seven men and women were recognized for completing the university's apprenticeship program.

The graduates completed a four year comprehensive program which required them to work 40 hour weeks in addition to classroom learning once a week.

The apprentices can choose to specialize in carpentry, electric, VAC, or plumbing, and upon graduation become journey persons in their respective fields.

All graduates are offered full-time employment with SUVA facilities management.

Sarah Coxcomb with employee relations explained that the majority of the people who come through this program never leave.

“We’be had around 170 folks graduate from the program since it first launched and over 100 are still employed with us today including folks who have moved on to become supervisors or mangers within the trades and are now mentoring our current apprentices,” said Coxcomb. 

At the recognition ceremony, the incoming class of 15 apprentices was also recognized.

The incoming class of apprentices had about 550 applicants and only 15 were accepted. One speaker joked that their acceptance rate is tougher than Harvard's.

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