Fitzhugh Court Case Continued to August 18

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A Charlottesville woman facing multiple charges stemming from an incident on the Downtown Mall is having her case continued to another day.

Veronica Haunami Fitzhugh appeared in Charlottesville General District Court Friday, July 21.

Police have charged Fitzhugh with two misdemeanor counts of assault, and one count of disorderly conduct, stemming from two incidents.

Authorities say she was part of a group yelling and chanting at several men seated outdoors in the 400 block of East Main Street around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, May 20. That resulted in one assault and the disorderly conduct charges.

She is also accused of assaulting a man who was carrying a Confederate flag on May 21

Fitzhugh's attorney, Jeffery E. Fogel, says there's a chance they may bring in a special prosecutor and the case could be resolved.

Fogel is also facing a charge of misdemeanor assault and battery for reportedly shoving a man on June 1.

Fitzhugh faces a separate charge of obstructing free passage during a rally at Justice Park on July 8, which was not taken up today.

Fitzhugh is scheduled to be back in court on Friday, August 18.