Crescent Halls Installs New Chiller System in Public Housing Building

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new chiller at Crescent Halls in Charlottesville new chiller at Crescent Halls in Charlottesville

After years of issues, a Charlottesville public housing community now has a new way to keep cool.

The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, says a new chiller system was installed Monday to help support the current AC system at Crescent Halls.

The original plans were to have the system completed by fall, but the contractor and CRHA were able to work out an expedited process over five weeks. The entire AC unit went offline Monday for a few hours.

During that time and throughout the day a cooling center was setup in the community room with portable AC units, snacks, water and entertainment.

"Initially the contractor told us it would be later September or October before it could be done, we were able to expedite the timeline to make sure we had a fully functioning air condition system in Crescent Halls,” Grant Duffield of CRHA said.

Duffield adds the two chiller AC system will work in Tandem, eight hours on and eight hours off for each unit.