MACAA to Discuss Redesign Plans at Community Meeting

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A Charlottesville nonprofit is looking to redesign its campus and is inviting the community to share its ideas at a meeting Monday.

Monticello Area Community Action Agency’s building as been around since the 1950s, but the nonprofit says it's in pretty bad shape, in need of new floors, new roof and just cannot be kept. Harriet Kaplan, the executive director, says to repair it would not be the best use of funds.

 At 6 p.m., MACAA is holding a meeting for people who live in the park street area or those who will be affected by this change. The nonprofit has already purchased a stone house located off to the right hand side of its driveway entrance.

It plans for this to be the new building for the executive offices, but would still want to maintain the residential character of the stone house.

"It's got a very large backyard and in the backyard we would have our playground and we would have our Head Start building for our Head Start classrooms and then we could bulldoze this building and sell it to the best group that would put it to the best use,” Kaplan said.

MACAA says there is an opportunity to have a senior living community built in its place.

First, it wants to hear people's feedback, questions and concerns at its 6 p.m. Monday meeting. About 30 to 40 people are expected to come out and voice their opinions.