Albemarle County: Don't be Concerned after Tax Notice Glitch

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An example of the notice An example of the notice

Some people in Albemarle County have been receiving ‘past due’ notices for their taxes.

County leaders say that this is just a glitch in the system.

Albemarle County says the glitch in tax notices only affected a little more than 100 people and that residents should not be concerned.

In one of the letters given to NBC29 the county asks for money to be paid for personal property taxes. This covers things like cars, campers, and other luxury items.

Albemarle County’s Finance Director Betty Burrell says people could have also gotten letters for things like paying real estate taxes.

She says the tax glitch stems from an issue that happened back in June.

"There were 152 customers out of 174,000 payments that we processed. 152 customers paid at the kiosk on the 15th of June and there was a processing error with the date,” said Burrell.

The county says it had one other small issue with its new lock box processer. That also affected a small group of people, but has been taken care of.

The county office says residents who have paid their real estate taxes or personal property taxes, but still received a letter for past due funds, should call the county office building.

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