Gov. McAuliffe, Lt. Gov. Northam Speak Out Against Planned Charlottesville Rally

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Governor Terry McAuliffe (FILE IMAGE) Governor Terry McAuliffe (FILE IMAGE)

Governor Terry McAuliffe says a KKK group's hate speech is not welcome.

The governor told NBC29 at a press conference Thursday, July 6, that he does not support the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan visiting Charlottesville and hate speech will only divide the community.

The North Carolina-based group plans to gather in Justice Park at 3 p.m. Saturday, July 8, and will likely be met by counter protesters.

McAuliffe said he is "all for free speech, but what this group is bringing is hatred and wants people to work together."

The governor also said that the KKK's hate speech should not be tolerated in any state: "To me, any discrimination breeds hatred, and hatred is bad for any community or state that wants to grow and build. So I'm not for any of this. I want people to be able to work together. I'm all for free speech but the hate speech that you now see in America today; It has taken our nation backwards."

In a press statement, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam also condemned Saturday’s rally and encouraged Republican candidate Ed Gillespie to do the same.

Gillespie tweeted at 11:22 a.m. Friday, July 7:

Northam also said groups like the KKK will not succeed in intimidating people in Charlottesville, and that an ideology of hatred and bigotry should not be tolerated.

07/07/2017 Release from Ralph Northam:

Richmond, Va. - Today, Dr. Ralph Northam condemned Ku Klux Klan’s plan to rally in Charlottesville this Saturday and called on Ed Gillespie to join him in a bipartisan stand against hate.

Dr. Ralph Northam today issued the following statement condemning the planned KKK rally in Charlottesville this weekend:

“When the values of our commonwealth are under attack, we are called to speak out. This weekend, the Ku Klux Klan is rallying in Charlottesville to share an ideology of hatred and bigotry, which conflict with Virginia’s values of openness, diversity, and inclusion. I am calling on Ed Gillespie to join me in condemning this disgusting attempt to intimidate the people of Charlottesville.

“Standing up to the KKK’s efforts to instill fear into our communities goes beyond partisan politics. I hope Ed Gillespie will join me in sending a loud and clear message that Virginians will not stand for this. Should he decline, I think that speaks volumes about his ability to lead.”