Charlottesville Preparing to Launch Open Data Portal

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The City of Charlottesville is in the process of acquiring a system that will make it easier for residents to access public information. 

Charlottesville leaders are working to develop an open data portal, which will host publicly available information online in the form of raw data sets.
This portal will provide information about things like policing, traffic, demographics, and the environment.

City Council members hope that the portal will encourage people to be more engaged with local government. Mayor Mike Signer said, “As the experiment around the country has shown with open data, when you open up the curtains and you make all this data machine-readable, whether its parks or public safety or demographics or schools or budget data, people will be very interested and they can tell you what is going right and where you need improvement.” 

The open data portal was approved at City Council's last meeting. It is currently being designed in-house by the City, with the assistance of an advisory group, and is scheduled to be available for access this September.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) - Charlottesville residents will soon have government data available at their fingertips in a new online portal.

The Daily Progress reports that Charlottesville is planning to launch an open data portal later this summer that will provide the public with easy access to datasets on things like policing, property, traffic and the environment.

Lucas Ames is chairman of the nonprofit Smart Cville. He says the data will benefit a variety of groups, including neighborhood leaders, journalists and innovators.

Assistant City Manager Leslie Beauregard says the portal will launch in August. She says city staff members are developing the project at no additional cost to the city.

Officials say most of the data that will be in the portal is already available elsewhere, but that more could be added in the future.

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