Mountainside Senior Living Creating Memory Care Wing

Posted: Updated: Jun 28, 2017 10:28 AM
Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet
Sharon Britt Sharon Britt

Mountainside Senior Living (MSL) in Crozet is working to provide more tailored living to its residents.

The assisted living facility is starting construction on a memory care wing dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

MSL is managed by the Jefferson Area Board for Aging.

The facility will dedicate its entire third floor - that's a total of 20 beds - to current and new residents that identify as needing additional memory loss care.

The new memory care wing is expected to cost about $250,000 to complete renovations.

It will be a locked, secure floor of the facility to give more safety to its residents.

In response to the requests and identified needs of current residents, the entire staff at MSL has or will become certified as dementia practitioners.

Administrator Sharon Britt feels this new wing will provide the support residents have been asking for.

“What it's going to do is give them a quiet, serene environment, where they can function better than they are functioning out when there's a lot of...they get confused very easily when there's a lot of noise. And sometimes this is a noisy place,” she said.

Twenty beds out of the 107 in the facility will be in the memory wing with preference given to current residents.

Memory care residents will have access to the entire facility, but they will eat meals together and have separate, more tailored programming.

Administrators believe the memory care wing in this assisted living facility will allow patients with memory loss to still keep some independence as an alternative to premature living in a nursing home. They hope to have the wing operational by the end of the year.