Report: VA No. 10 in Overall Children's Well-Being

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Beth Nolan Beth Nolan

A new report has ranked Virginia as a top 10 state for the overall well-being of children.

The 2017 Kids Count Data Book puts Virginia in 10th place for overall child well-being.

There have been gains made in the number of kids covered by health insurance, but the report also reveals a troubling trend with poverty rates.

The Annie E. Casey foundation released its annual report this month and Virginia has moved up one slot.

It reports that 30,000 more Virginia children have health insurance than five years ago. That leaves five percent of Virginia kids without coverage.

Voices for Virginia’s Children said today many strides have been made in access to Medicaid and other safety net programs.

"We're in an election year in Virginia and so this is a really good opportunity for us to have statewide conversations and local conversations about what have we done to improve outcome for children, like protecting investments for Medicaid and FAMIS, and what do we still need to do to protect investments for children to move the needle on poverty?" said Kids Count Director for Voices for Virginia's Children Beth Nolan.

One weakness, according to this report, is that the national poverty rate has gone down by 5% over the last five years, but Virginia has seen a 7% increase.