New Historical Marker in Madison Co. Tells Story of Old Roadway

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new historical marker on Route 670 in Madison County new historical marker on Route 670 in Madison County

A new historical highway marker is recognizing a road over the Blue Ridge Mountains that dates back to before the Civil War.

The marker stands on the Old Blue Ridge Turnpike to tell the story of the roadway.

The 56 mile-long road has linked the Shenandoah Valley to central Virginia for more than 150 years. Now, people will know its history.

"Well I guess a road can be a little bit like a time machine when you're imagining those who have traveled before you," Jennifer Loux of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources said.

"It linked two distinct regions of Virginia, the Valley with the Piedmont, Gordonsville area where there was a rail line and you could use the road to get their products to market and to the east," Loux said.    

The Madison County Historical Society raised the money and got approval to place it along what is now Route 670.

"With our markers we really want those to take these important stories about Virginia's past and link them to the landscape in a way that people can really appreciate what they're looking at," Loux said.

The 100 words on the marker will keep the story alive.

"I think that's always beneficial when we think about where we came from and where we are today and how we got here so that's what our program is all about,” Loux said.

The marker is located near the entrance of Criglersville Elementary School in Madison County.