Resolution Passes to Replace 2nd Chiller in Crescent Halls

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Crescent Halls Crescent Halls

One of Charlottesville's public housing developments will be getting a back-up air conditioning unit just in time for this summer's heat.

The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority Board passed a resolution Thursday night to expedite the second system at Crescent Halls.

Crescent Halls already has one air conditioning "chiller" that cools the entire building. But now, the city is adding a second chiller just in case the first stops working.

The CRHA Board had already approved the second chiller at a meeting back in May for about $130,000. But then the CHRA Board found out the contractor, Colonial Webb, would not be able to install it until September or October.

Board members voted unanimously to spend an additional $37,000. That means Colonial Webb could finish the installation in a matter of weeks.

"The system is designed to have two units, if something should happen to the one that is operating now, certainly we would like to have another unit available," Grant Duffield, executive director of CHRA, said.

This comes after significant air conditioning problems at Crescent Halls last summer, when the system did malfunction.

Duffield said as of today, the first chiller is working fine, though that does not eliminate the possibility of a unit by unit mechanical problem causing AC issues.

The board members said that Colonial Webb sub-contractors could head to the property as early as Friday morning to start measurements and planning to install that second unit.

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