Charlottesville City School Leaders Say Lunch Price to Increase

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Charlottesville School Board Charlottesville School Board

Parents of Charlottesville City Schools students can expect to pay more to keep their children fed.

City school leaders say, starting this fall, school lunch prices will increase 10 cents. This is part of an annual review by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Additional revenue will help provide meals for kids who qualify for free or reduced-price meals.    

"This is a minor, slight increase. It helps us replenish the funds that we use to help pay for students that are on free and reduced lunch so this is really kind of going into coffers that allow us to help those students that really need the meals," Juandiego Wade of Charlottesville City School Board said.

Elementary and middle school students will now pay $2.35 for lunch, while high-schoolers will pay $2.60.