Belmont Bridge Design Ideas to be Submitted to Planning Commission

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There are some new design ideas for the Belmont Bridge in Charlottesville.

The Belmont Bridge Steering Committee has three design sections of the project.

The first part is a pedestrian walk way underneath the bridge that would connect Monticello Road to a public open space.

The second is allowing a left turning lane onto Graves Street to help with traffic flow.

Two stairwells to provide access to Water Street are also being considered.

"Everything we are going through right now in terms of street improvement has to be consistent with the provisions in the street and walk plan and pedestrian access and bicycle access, ADA compliance and metro elements," Alex Ikefuna, director of neighborhood development

In order for the items to be approved they have to make it through the Charlottesville City Planning Commission and City Council.

The Planning Commission will review the designs on August 8.