Charlottesville City Councilor Reflects on Losing Re-Election Bid

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A Charlottesville city councilor lost his re-election bid in the 2017 primary elections.  

He believes Tuesday's primary was a referendum on the city's confederate monument debate.

The free speech wall the following Wednesday morning boosted that belief. It had a message that said “Fenwick gone, RE Lee still here.”

Fenwick lost in the democratic primary to Amy Laufer and Heather Hill. He said is surprised by the turnout and the results.

He also says he wouldn't change his mind about voting to remove the statue of confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park.

“I thought it was a principled decision that I made. I was uncertain about it, that's why I abstained the first time. Once I thought about it and talked to the people I represent, I was fairly certain I'd made the only decision I could make. It was not a political decision. It was a moral decision for me,” said Fenwick. 

Fenwick lists making government more transparent, empowering neighborhoods, and expanding pre-K education among his accomplishments while on council.

He says he will not run as an independent candidate.