Fire Destroys Home on Spotswood Trail

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house fire on Spotswood Trail house fire on Spotswood Trail
Rik Prentiss, owner of home destroyed in fire Rik Prentiss, owner of home destroyed in fire
firefighters on scene at house fire on Spotswood Trail firefighters on scene at house fire on Spotswood Trail
scene of house fire on Spotswood Trail scene of house fire on Spotswood Trail

Crews are beginning to inspect the damage of a fire that engulfed a home in Greene County. 

The homeowner, Rik Prentiss, says he's grateful to have made it out safely and that nobody else was home at the time.

"We just lost everything we own," Prentiss said.

It was a chaotic scene off Route 33 Sunday with crews from Ruckersville and several surrounding counties working together.

Crews responded to the call at 15590 on Route 33 shortly after 3 p.m. They say the fire started on the second floor and is the result of an electrical issue. The house is a total loss.

Prentiss was working in the basement of his house when he realized something was very wrong.

"I was taking a box upstairs and the alarms all started going off, and then I realized the upstairs was engulfed in flames,” Prentiss said.

Fire spread through the second floor of his Ruckersville home on in just seconds.

"It just started burning my skin so I turned around and ran back out and the door slammed behind me," Prentiss said.

Prentiss got out in time, but he was not able to save all of his pets.

"My main goal was to get my animals out which it doesn't look like it, I got two cats that I don't know where they're at,” Prentiss said.

Shortly after 3 p.m., the scene was packed with firefighters and emergency medical crews.

"We've got approximately about five firefighters operating from multiple different counties," Sean Ryan, Ruckersville Fire Department chief, said.

Ryan says this particular fire was not easy to get under control.

"The rural location made it very difficult for us to locate water. Our water is coming from about a half mile away so we set up some drop tanks at the end of the driveway," Ryan said.

Firefighters rotated in and out of ambulances to avoid heat exhaustion.

"It's hot out here especially with that uniform on they have which is a heavy outfit," Issac Strother with the Red Cross said.

Along with medical units, the Red Cross showed up to lend a hand with the crews where they could.

"They're drinking a lot of water. They're sending for some ice ... so yeah, it's hot out here. It's very hot,” Strother said.

Strother says the scene could have been worse if there had not been such a big response.

"The firefighters are taking a shift here. It's so many here that responded, so many trucks. I'm glad they came," Strother said.

Crew members say one firefighter was taken to University of Virginia Medical Center for serious heat exhaustion.