Volunteers for Candidate Ross Mittiga Canvass in Charlottesville

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Ross Mittiga canvassing in Charlottesville Ross Mittiga canvassing in Charlottesville

State and local candidates are knocking on as many doors as possible to get out the vote for Tuesday's primaries.

Volunteers with Democrat Ross Mittiga's campaign for 57th District delegate spent their Sunday canvassing around Charlottesville.

In this final stretch, Mittiga's campaign wants to reach voters who he hasn't spoken with before, as well as ones he has talked with, to make sure they know where to go on voting day.

"We have a chance on Tuesday to send a very clear message to the political establishment that people are demanding a new way of doing politics, one that says no to corporate money, that says no to frack pipelines and takes seriously the demands of ordinary people," Mittiga said.

Mittiga says volunteers got around to 500 doors Saturday. He hopes to get to at least a thousand more before Tuesday.

Mittiga is challenging incumbent 57th District Del. David Toscano (D).