Corey Stewart Holds Press Conference before Election Primaries

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Corey Stewart, City Hall Richmond Corey Stewart, City Hall Richmond

On Tuesday, June 13 voters will head to the polls to help decide who will be on the ballot in November.

The big ticket races are for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, but all seats in the general assembly are also up for grabs.

Republican candidate for Governor Corey Stewart held a news conference outside Richmond city hall on June 9.

During the conference, he accused opponent, Ed Gillespie, of avoiding the press and dodging debates.

Stewart also depicted himself as the most conservative candidate in the race.

He is also challenging Frank Wagner for the Republican party nomination. 

"I think that he thinks that he's (Frank Wagner) going to be able to cruise through this primary election without taking any hard positions on any conservative issues," said Stewart. 

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said, "Ultimately this is going to be about winning the governor's mansion in November, so nothing to take for granted, but at least some of the early energy - we feeling more energy on our side than we're seeing on the other."

Democrats say the momentum is on their side as many voters are frustrated with happenings in Washington.

Nearly 17,000 Virginians have voted in the democratic primary while the GOP has seen nearly 9,000 ballots turned in.