Police and Witnesses Testify in Preliminary Hearing for Aaron Johnson

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A Charlottesville grand jury will hear the case against the man accused of causing a crash that killed a beloved music teacher.

A judge certified an amended aggravated involuntary manslaughter charge against Aaron Johnson on June 8. 

Johnson also had his bond revoked after testing positive for cocaine on May 2.

Officers testified in court on June 8 that the 28-year-old had a blood alcohol level of point-zero-eight-seven when the crash happened last November.

Police say Johnson was traveling 94 miles per hour, 2 seconds before the crash, and had slowed to 87 miles an hour by the time his car hit a Mazda sedan attempting to turn left from Fifth Street Extended onto Harris road. 

Two witnesses testified today as well.

One woman described a smoky scene after she says she saw Johnson running a red light, hitting the sedan and sending it into the tree line.

The crash killed 43-year-old Eric Betthauser of Charlottesville. He was a music teacher at Western Albemarle High and Henley Middle School.

A grand jury will hear the case on June 19.