Governor Terry McAuliffe Signs Bill to Support Veterans' Health Care

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A ceremonial bill signing was held in Richmond on June 7 to celebrate new efforts to support veterans in Virginia.

Democratic Governor Terry Mcauliffe was joined by republican leaders in the General Assembly to recognize these actions.

The commonwealth will boost services for health care, education, and families of veterans. At the ceremony, a new Veterans Care Center in Virginia Beach was a major focal point.

Leaders on both sides of the aisle said the federal government was falling short of providing quality, timely health care. This has resulted in a push for the state and private sector to step up.

The governor also signed legislation that will allow certain cuts to community college tuition and fees for active duty service members.

Gov. McAuliffe said, "There has never been an inch of space between our administration and the General Assembly when it comes to taking care of our veterans. This has truly been a great bipartisan effort."

The other legislation enhances access to mental health, rehabilitative services, and supporting families who have been impacted by deployments.

The new Veterans Care Center will specialize in patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other chronic illnesses.