Albemarle Co. to Conduct Community Recreation Needs Assessment

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Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle County Parks & Recreation

Albemarle County plans to conduct a community recreation needs assessment in order to plan the future of the county's parks.

Right now, the county is taking bids from consultants who want to develop this assessment.

It will take a look at all 4,100 acres of county park land and create a plan for how people want to use that space over the next five to ten years.

Albemarle County Parks and Recreation did a community needs assessment back in 2004 and that study recommended more greenways and trails. Since then, the county has focused on developing those in its twelve public parks.

This new assessment will ask people what kind of recreation and services they would like to see added to the county's park system. It will also look at user fees, tourism opportunities, and county staffing needs.

“It allows them the opportunity to identify the needs that we may or currently may not be offering and may not have any idea that these were some of the needs or desires of the community,” said Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Director, Bob Crickenberger. 

Crickenberger adds that the study will take about eight months and will involve community surveys.

The county expects to hire a consultant to start the assessment by mid-July. The Parks and Rec department hopes to have a draft of the study by the end of the year.