Mayor Signer Speaks on Supporting Paris Climate Agreement

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Charlottesville is joining more than 200 cities across the country in supporting the Paris Climate Agreement.

Mayor Mike Signer outlined his reasons for signing on to the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda during a morning press conference in front of City Hall on June 6.

“In this community there remain many opportunities to prioritize efficiency and transition to low-carbon energy sources and we encourage action and all sectors to engage. Our private sector here, and I want to make this point clearly and strongly now, is already seizing on the economic development potential of clean energy, and we owe it to them to walk hand in hand with them,” said Mayor Signer. 

This action comes in response to President Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the international agreement to combat climate change.

Signer is also proposing Charlottesville join the Mayor's Compact, which would require Charlottesville create a climate action plan that meets certain global standards. That would involve updating the current Climate Protection Program

City council will consider supporting that effort at its next meeting.