Greene County Student and School Resource Officer Involved in Altercation

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Camera phone video of the altercation Camera phone video of the altercation
Dupree Rucker Dupree Rucker
Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith

Greene County school leaders are looking into an incident between a student and a school resource officer that was caught on camera.

This situation occurred on Wednesday, May 24, during lunch.

A student at William Monroe High School claims he was body slammed by a Greene County school resource officer. 

It sparked a protest by some students Thursday, May 25, and school leaders say both the student and the officer have been asked not to return to the school for the remainder of the year.

Dupree Rucker, the boy involved in the altercation, explained that a ‘rap battle’ broke out and students in the lunchroom became rowdy. 

Rucker says, “So basically he told me he called me over there and he away like "come here" and I guess I said no and he came to me and he was like come over here and I said no and then he yanked me up by my book-bag and then I just reacted to pushing me off me...”

In the video, you can see Rucker shoving the officer away, which he admitted to. The account of what happened before the recording began is where the story begins to differ.
Rucker is currently on probation for trespassing in an unrelated event, but his family feels the officer was out of line.

Greene County Sheriff, Steve Smith says, “We've looked into the incident and there's no disciplinary action to Deputy Conley we found that he did nothing wrong.”

A statement from the superintendent of Greene County schools claimed resource officer Joshua Conley initiated the encounter but "school personnel did not direct, authorize, or request the SRO to intervene"...

Rucker is currently on house arrest for disorderly conduct.

The family says they are meeting with school administrators, but say they are considering not have him return to William Monroe next year. 

The officer involved is still on duty within the sheriff's office, but not at the WMHS. The Greene County sheriff says he will meet with the school leaders to determine whether or not the officer will return next year.