Barracks Road AT&T Employees Go on Strike

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Barracks Road AT&T workers went on strike Friday afternoon Barracks Road AT&T workers went on strike Friday afternoon
Travis Daniel, picketer Travis Daniel, picketer

Employees at the AT&T store at Charlottesville’s Barracks Road Shopping Center are demanding justice. Several hit the picket line Friday to take a stand during contract talks.

The employees walked out of the store around 3 p.m. and are picketing on the side of the road to grab the attention of drivers. 

Employees want an agreement between the Communication Workers of America Union and AT&T Mobility.

Employees claim the company is demanding more work for less and it is looking to third party dealers and overseas workers. The union says it wants a wage increase bigger than the two percent annual raise that AT&T offered and tighter job security protections, among other things.

Employees say striking is the best way to get the company's attention and are hopeful they can find a solution.

“It shows that we are an important part of this company. We are what help make AT&T the company that it is and, I think, that will get our message across,” said Travis Daniel, picketer.

This is a strike happening with over 40,000 AT&T employees across the country. 

According to Fortune Magazine, the AT&T put out a statement saying it will continue to negotiate with the union to find a middle ground.

The Barracks Road AT&T store will still be open this weekend.

Employees who are on strike say regardless if an agreement is made, they'll be back to work on Monday.