Street Name Honors Charlottesville Reverend

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Honorary Reverend Rufus Hayes Street Honorary Reverend Rufus Hayes Street
Reverend Rufus Hayes Reverend Rufus Hayes

A new street name will honor a Charlottesville man that is still serving the community at 92 years old.

People gathered Friday for the official unveiling of the street dedication at Old 5th Street.

Reverend Rufus Hayes is known for his gospel sermonette that played on WINA Radio every Sunday for 50 years.

He built the Charlottesville Church of Christ from the ground up and touched many lives along the way.

“As I stand on this hill many memories go through my mind of what God has done because I come a long ways in 92 years and about 50 of them were spent on this hill,” Hayes explained.

A brown historic sign above the Old 5th Street sign now reads Honorary Reverend Rufus Hayes Street.