Charlottesville Holds Public Workshop on Comprehensive Plan

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Public workshop held on Charlottesville's 2018 comprehensive plan Public workshop held on Charlottesville's 2018 comprehensive plan
Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy
Chief Al Thomas, Charlottesville police Chief Al Thomas, Charlottesville police

The city of Charlottesville is in the middle of updating its 2018 comprehensive plan. The city held a public workshop on the plan at the Tonsler Park Community Center Thursday.

The comprehensive plan looks at land use, housing, and transportation issues.

With only four workshops set, this additional one was at the request of Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy.

“It's important for us to have different community members from different pockets and different segments of the city who aren't normally represented be involved and engaged and, I think, this is just an opportunity for everybody to be able to come together,” Bellamy explained.

The city will hold two more comprehensive plan workshops. One will be May 31 at Buford Middle School. The final one is June 21 at Charlottesville High School.

Ahead of the comprehensive plan update, dozens turned out for a giant cookout in Tonsler Park.

In addition to food and music, people were able to meet Charlottesville’s police chief. Nearing his one year anniversary on the job, Chief Al Thomas was able to mingle with the crowd and talk about public safety in the city.