UVA Planning Bicentennial Anniversary Celebration

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Kari Evans, bicentennial director Kari Evans, bicentennial director

The University of Virginia is planning a huge one year celebration of its bicentennial anniversary for next year.

The celebration kicks off October 5 and runs until October 7 with a launch weekend including a football game, concert, and huge celebration on the Lawn.

Organizers say they expect graduation-level attendance, traffic, and hotel reservations.

 “Really it all culminates with a large program - a multimedia awe-inspiring, spectacular event on the Lawn, really celebrating the university's history through the arts,” said Kari Evans, bicentennial director.

The bicentennial celebration continues all year with a symposium on slavery's role in the university in October and a women's leadership forum in November.

There will also be a formal ball in the Rotunda in April 2018, based on the dome room dances from the mid 1900’s.

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